APP SDK description

1 Overview

This document describes usage scenario, integration solution, main functions and interface description of BroadLink smart home APPSDK.

2 Update recode

Version Update recode Update date Author
2.0 Create the document 2017/12/23 ZJJ
2.3 Add BLLetAsync library 2018/01/11 ZJJ
2.5 Add some interface 2018/04/01 ZJJ
2.6 Refine module,Split out BLAccount and BLFamily 2018/05/21 ZJJ
2.7 Refine module,Split out BLIRCode 2018/08/10 ZJJ
2.8 Cluster services are available,Remote control by HTTPS 2018/10/25 ZJJ
2.9 Support Fastcon , Disable automatic addDevice and automatic Pair 2019/01/07 ZJJ

Please refer to Update recode

3 Integrated description

If you want to access to SDK, License shall be applied first, and then the SDK shall be added to the project, and the initialization shall be completed with the License applied.

Please refer to APPSDK Integrated description

4 Process

This SDK currently contains the following libraries:

**BLLetCore **

Core function library, mainly used for device configuration,control and maintenance related information interface.

**BLLetAccount **

It provides account system for sign-in / sign-up of BroadLink accounts and account linking related functions.

**BLLetFamily **

It provides library for home management of homes, rooms and devices.

**BLLetIRCode **

It provides interfaces for query, downloading and resolution of IR codes.

The overview callflow:


Please refer to APPSDK usage process

5 Demo code

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6 Error code

Please refer to APPSDK error code


Please refer to APPSDK FAQ